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Our Range of Flexible Virtual PA Services

We get to work so you can focus on your business

At ArborVS we’re experienced in dealing with the kind of complex environment that’s characteristic of medical and HR Practitioners and we have the virtual assistant services that can make your life easier.  When you’re busy you need someone who’s got your back and dealing with the day-to-day running of your office. At ArborVS we have a range of virtual assistant and secretarial support packages that suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

These range from a set number of hours for a fixed monthly fee, to bespoke hours, or specific tasks agreed on a day-by-day or project-by-project basis.

Take a look at our list of services below, check out our pricing, then call us to find out more about how we can support your business.

Monthly Retainer Packages

If you like to work to a set budget then our Monthly Packages are ideal.  We will dedicate an agreed set number of hours per month to your business admin or office tasks on a retainer basis at a fixed price. You can use these agreed hours for virtual receptionist duties, diary management,  or general admin. Let us keep on top of your “To Do” list!

Sapling package 5 hours
Willow package 10 hours
Elm package 20 hours
Oak package 30 hours

Bespoke Hours

If your business is more variable then you can book our virtual secretarial services on a “pay as you go” hourly basis. You can use this time for help to get you back on track if you’re feeling overwhelmed by paperwork, or on one-off or ad-hoc tasks or projects, using a combination of any of our business support services. This is also ideal if you need cover or support for holidays or temporary staff shortages.

Typing and Digital Transcription Services

For all  you typing and transcriptions needs, these are a list of some of the tasks we can take off your hands.  If it is not listed below, then please get in touch.

  • Copy typing manuscripts, books, reports, etc
  • Converting documents into different formats
  • Setting up template documents
  • Adding images to documents
  • Setting up to create slides in PowerPoint
  • Setting up to create pamphlets in Publisher
  • Transcribe reports, emails, letters to be prepared
  • Transcribe meetings, videos, webinars

Business Support

For more detailed administrative support that needs to be done in the background you may want to offload the following so that you can find what you need when you need it.   However your organisation works, we aim to support you, so that you don’t have to worry about those tasks that take you away from doing the work you love to do.

  • Organising your inbox
  • Setting up and maintaining your CRM systems
  • Organising meetings both virtual and face to face
  • Making appointments for clients
  • Follow up on clients and meetings as necessary
  • Social media admin support
  • Social media blog posts
  • Web blog posts
  • Keeping your WordPress blog pages up to date

Virtual Receptionist

Make sure you never miss a call again with our Catch Your Calls service. Studies have shown that people are increasingly reluctant to leave a voicemail message on a business phone, especially when the reason for calling is potentially sensitive. So let our team of professional call handlers deal with your calls and enquiries. 

  • We act professionally, but provide a personal voice to your clients
  • We don’t just take messages, but also
    • Ask questions
    • Take down essential information
    • Transfer calls
    • Manage your diary
    • Book appointments
    • Send text messages
    • As well as send to various email addresses

Let's talk

Take a look at our pricing then give us a call to find out how we can make your working life easier.